Birthday And Wishes And Greetings To Mother In law


Your grandmother is your second mother and she is another friend who takes good care of you. She rules the home world and is special to all. Her varied roles of being a mother, grandma, wife and mom in law may pamper her at times but she has got the trick to handle the family and that is why she is so important to all. So when it is her birthday you’re to celebrate it the best way possible and offer her beautiful messages. So here we have a small list of wishes and greetings for your mother in law on her birthday.

Birthday wishes and SMS

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  1. Happy birthday mom you are my source of inspiration and cooking food. It could never have been so easy if you were not there to teach me. I have never experienced the love of a mother but you have never made me feel alone and have been showering love on me like your own daughter. I love you and here’s wishing you lot many years ahead.
  2. To the mother who is antagonistic to the usual mother in law characters. You have offered me immense love and have always supported me in my doings. I wish you a beautiful day ahead and many more years of happiness.
  3. Happy birthday mother in law it is beautiful being your daughter in law. You have pampered me so much that I can never get back to the usual me. May this birthday bring you loads of happiness and love.
  4. The world is wrong in beliefs and practices. What all I have heard till now about mother in laws is so not true and even if it is true then I have been blessed with a motherly figure. But I think I am missing that punk in life just because of you being so loving and caring and all I want to say is a very happy birthday and a wonderful life.
  5. Happy birthday momsiee. I think you have been the best person with whom I have been so comfortable and durable after marriage. I wish you loads of happiness and many more such beautiful years to come.
  6. Hey mother in law happy birthday. We may not be together today but I know you are always there to bless me and states and cities can never lessen our love for each other.
  7. Happy birthday mom in law. You know when the first day I stepped into the house I was so uncomfortable, but it was you who came to me and sat with me, you have always been there for me like a shield and that is the best you.
  8. Love you mom and a very happy birthday. May you be blessed with lots of happiness and good health and may god give you the power to face all problems in life.
  9. To the sweetest mother in law in the world. You are cute and cooperative like no other mom and I love you the way you are. Happy birthday!
  10. Happy birthday mom. All I can wish you on this birthday is lots of happiness, joy and love. May the almighty shower all his blessings on you.

Birthday Greetings And Wishes For Grandma


Your grandmother is pretty, classy and knows how to rule the world. She might exaggerate situations at times but that is merely because she always wanted to be an actress. She is fun filled and bubbly and just requires a beautiful chirpy family and when it is her birthday you got to make plan it the way she want. So here we have a few messages that you can fix in your greetings for her.

Funny Quotes and Messages


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  1. Hey sexy, happy birthday. It’s your birthday and I have got your favorite dress for you, your night dress. I love you loads and you are and will always remain to be the coolest grandma.
  2. Happy birthday oldie! So you are the funny, sassy, beautiful and what not. I wish I was as charming as you are and could hook onto some handsome boy. Happiest and heartiest wishes grandma. Love you.
  3. Happiest birthday grandmother. You have been waiting for the day since months and finally here it is. All I want to wish is a happy and a joyous birthday.
  4. To the grandmother who is actually my mother. You have pampered me so much and have always supported me in my wrong doings. I love you and will always admire you sweety. Happy birthday.
  5. To the love of my life who is no less than a diva on the ramp. It’s been ages but you still continue to shine like a star and is everyone’s favorite. A very happy birthday with a lot of love and tight hug.
  6. Hey cute little girl you are reborn today and today is the day to celebrate your birthday. May god bless you with the best and may he add a few more years to your life. I love you beautiful.
  7. Hey all, it’s my grandma’s birthday and she still seems to be in her teenage years. She is as beautiful as the blooming flower and as chirpy as the girl next door. You are the fashion police and the style icon of my life. So beautiful here’s a bag full of wishes so that you can remain such a beauty forever.
  8. Happy birthday mom, yay you’re not my grand mom but my mom who has held me like a stiff pillar. No words or gifts can ever replace your irreplaceable love and care for me. Thank you for being the best person of my life.
  9. To my grandmother who is so annoying and is busy chatting all day long on social media. Just kidding, but seriously you get more likes than my pictures. At times I do get jealous but no problem people are not able to recognize beauty. Happy birthday beautiful is all I want to say and you still continue to rule several hearts.
  10. Happy birthday grand mom. You are my gaming partner, my best friend, my mum and the best chef ever. I love you and you will always belong to the core even if I marry the most handsome boy on this planet.

Birthday Greetings And Wishes For Sister In Law


Your sister in law is like your sister from another mother. She may be your best friend, and best mentor and probably the one with whom you can chat for long hours. But when it is her birthday you ought to celebrate it with vigor and happiness because the once a year eve is important and has to be celebrated to the fullest. So here’s a list of wishes you can offer to your sister in law on her special day.

Blessings And Quotes For Sister


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  1. Here’s wishing my favorite person happy birthday who is as sweet as a muffin and continue to cream my life with her surprises and gifts. May the entire wishes shower upon you like blooming flowers.
  2. Happy birthday sissy! I have never had a sibling and having you is like having the pleasure of a sister who is so loving and caring. I have always been able to follow the latest fashion trends because of you and this birthday we have a lot of surprises lined up.
  3. Happy birthday my best friend. So you have never matched the usual traits of a sister in law and so much love, care and cooperativeness is a bit surprising from what I have usually heard. May this birthday bring you lots of surprises and beautiful gifts and a healthy life ahead.
  4. Birthdays do lessen your age but not your maturity. But hey sister, I suppose you are becoming more childish with age and that is fun. May your comic sense and humor remain with you forever and wishing you many more such crazy birthdays ahead.
  5. It’s my sister in law’s happy birthday and I got to dance and party hard. So you have doubled the family’s happiness by becoming a mother as well. We all love you and here’s wishing you more such sweet and happy birthdays. Be blessed.
  6. To the sister in law who has always been like an elder sister and has always paved beautiful ways for me to celebrate. You are probably the best sister in law and an inspiration to me. Happiest birthday.
  7. Happy birthday big sister. You’re not just my husband’s sister but even my big sister who has always been good, loving and caring towards me. I love the way you have been till now and I could never expect a better version of a sister in law.
  8. Happy birthday sister in law. I wish you a bouquet full of happiness, and a bunch of tight hugs. I love you and will adore you always.
  9. Happy birthday to the sister who is from other mister. See I don’t have heavy words to express on this birthday but a tight hug and many many wishes to increase your shelf life like pickle in the kitchen. You have been you and that is what I love about you.
  10. To my mentor and my inspiration, happiest birthday. You know how special you are to me and no gift or words can express that.

Birthday Greetings And Wishes For Aunt


Your aunt is an integral part of the family who is sweet, loving and a caring person. She is as important as other members of the family and is like a second mother. So when it is her birthday you must celebrate it the best way possible with proper celebration and greetings. So here we have a small list of greetings and wishes which can help you deliver your best on the special occasion.


Messages for friends

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  1. Happy birthday aunt! You are so beautiful and enduring and I always wish I was as beautiful as you are. I wish you a very happy birthday and a beautiful life ahead.
  2. Wishing my aunt a bouquet full of wishes and packet full of happiness so that the tinge of her funny attitude never fades and she continues to make people laugh. Happy birthday aunt.
  3. So it’s pretty good that our birthday’s fall on the same date mom. I have never had the love of a mother but you have given me every possible thing and emotion I could have had from my mother. You have held me so close to your heart and I can never return that to you. All I have is a birthday wish for you to live long and healthy. Bake a cake
  4. Happy birthday aunt. You are an infinite magic that is all spread and is so beautiful. You have always held the family like flower petals together and you being the stalk. No power or gift can ever return you your selfless love and care for the family.
  5. Happy birthday aunt! I love you and here’s wishing you a day full of surprises and presents. May you be blessed with a life full of good health and happiness.
  6. A very happy birthday aunt. Every time I meet you and talk to you I feel like just talking to you for the whole day long. You are so engaging that I never feel like getting away from you. You are like a source of immense and beautiful information of the world and I truly adore that.
  7. Happy birthday mistress. You are my teacher before my aunt and that is the most irritating thing. Just kidding. No matter what you have always helped me like your own kid and I appreciate that truly.
  8. Happy birthday beautiful. Many happy returns of the day and may god bless you with the best and may you get lots of love and happiness on this special occasion.
  9. To the most understanding and cooperative person in the home, my aunt. You are the most important member of our home who takes good care of everyone in the house in spite of facing several hardships. A very happy birthday to you.
  10. Hey sweetheart happy birthday. I admire you the most and you are the most motivating person in the whole family who has been an integral part of every important decision and has always held the family like one. I wish you a beautiful birthday and a wonderful life ahead.

Birthday Wishes And Greetings For Grandpa

Your grandpa is like your father who is the most important member of the family. He may look stern at times but the way he lives with you determines his coconut like behavior. You spent almost major part of your life with him and the moments you spend together are worthless. So when it is your grandpa’s birthday you are required to gift him the best and make him happier than ever before. So here’s a collaborated list of wishes for you to choose for your grandpa.

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  1. Happy birthday grandpa! Loads of love and happiness. May you be blessed with lot many years of health.
  2. Happy birthday boy! You have always been the coolest person in the family and have always been entertaining all like kids. Whatever be the situation you have always made things easy for me. I love you and many happiest returns of the day.
  3. Happy birthday grandpa. May this birthday bring you tons of happy moments and many more years of love and happiness.
  4. Hey rock star happy birthday. Yes, you hear it right, you are the rock star of my life who is super cool and has got that dude like attitude. May this birthday make you much cooler and enthusiastic than ever before and may it bless you with lot more years.
  5. Lots of love, happiness and joy to the birthday oldie. I know you don’t like to be called and oldie but the fact remains immortal just like your humor and love for everyone. You are the most important and most sought after person of the family and we all love you grandpa.
  6. Happy birthday grandpa. May this beautiful occasion bring in much more years to your shelf life and may your increasing age bring out the child in you.
  7. Happy birthday swagger. Yes you remain to be the swagger among your friends and have seriously got the best styling techniques and have sassy dancing moves. You continue to remain the heartthrob and have been such adventurous and young in play that no one can ever determine your age. So this birthday I wish you several more years of a happy life and a wonderful life.
  8. Hey grandpa, happy birthday. You are the most important part of the family and there is no gift or wish that can ever replace your love for us. I love the way you have always been and that is the best you.
  9. Happy birthday to my teddy bear who has always been my personal ride, with whom I have spent the best part of my life and who have pampered me even for my wrong doings. See I don’t have any gift for you but a tight hug that will surely express my love for you.
  10. Happy birthday grandpa. You are like my father and my daily dose of happiness. I suppose I would have been so boring without you and your support. Thank you for making me what I am today. Sending wishes, greetings and lots of love to my cutest grandpa.

Best Lovely and Romantic Birthday Greetings

10 Romantic Birthday wishes

If it is your wife, girlfriend, husband, lover, or someone you want to express your feelings to, there isn’t a perfect time than their birthday to tell them how much you love and how much you care. Even a small greeting can make your beloved one’s day and make a difference in their mindset, to tell them how much they matter to you. Also, birthday greetings cannot be the clichéd ones, they are very boring and yet not for the people of our generation. So we bring you romantic birthday greetings for your loved ones with a mix of old school as well as modern love.


Best Hilarious wishes ever

  1. You’re like the wine which is not only good for my health but also gives that sweet drunkenness afterward. Happy Birthday to you sweetheart.
  2. Like the first ray of the sun you brightened my life, the moment I saw you I was all yours. You changed me, being with you makes me want to be a better person. Don’t ever leave me. Happy Birthday and I love you.
  3. Like a stick is enough to keep a man from drowning, like a plant is enough to build a whole forest, like a drop of water is the start of a new sea, you are that one essential element of my life to make it worth living. Happy Birthday, love.
  4. Happy Birthday, honey, on this wonderful day I promise to cheer you up when you’re low, to comfort you when in need, to handle your mood swings, to handle your craziness and be by your side no matter what happens. I love you and I’ll make sure you have a great birthday.
  5. May every path of new challenge be smooth for you, may every stranger be kind to you, may you find peace in the most chaotic times of your life and may you always get what you wish for. Happy Birthday my beautiful lady.
  6. I used to be a very practical person and never believed in true love before you entered my life. You made me a better person and are the reason for all my success. I don’t know what I would be without you. You make me happy and make me want to love you even more for the amazing person you are. Happy Birthday my sunshine.
  7.  Happy Birthday to the man with whom I’m truly, madly and deeply in love with.
  8. Happy Birthday to the strength of my life. To my love, my affection, my protector, my compassion, you make me strong and on this day I promise to love you for my life and beyond. To take care of your late night drive, ice-cream cravings, shopping, snoring etc. and take you for what you are. I love you.
  9. Happy Birthday, honey. I know you’re strong and I know you lack the quality to express your love. But I will always be certain of how much you love me and will take you for your harshness because I know in every quarrel we have and in every small gesture of yours, you display your undying love for me and I love you too.
  10. Happy Birthday to my sunshine, darling I’d never want to change the way you are. Your humor, your tantrums, your emotions and especially the way you look at me. I love you to the moon and back.

Birthday Sayings For Friends

Birthday wishes for friend of every kind

From your newly made friends to the truest ones since childhood, birthday greetings make a good deal of difference. For the ones you want to trust gain upon, tell them how much they matter, show a good gesture towards them or even tell them that you care enough to remember, wish them a good and a Happy Birthday!We bring to you a good range of birthday greetings for all sorts of friends because every friend is important and every friend’s birthday is a chance for you to showcase your love towards them and mend the bond of your friendship.


  1. A very Happy Birthday to a new foundation of our friendship. May you succeed in life and give me a neck-to-neck competition in every competition of life. I have a feeling this friendship will go very far.
  2. Happy Birthday to Mr. I’ll reach in five minutes. May you learn to reach every venue including the college examination in time. I love you, man.
  3. Lord knows how much I feel like killing you for your poor jokes but well, he also knows there’s no other person who’s that humorous and who makes me laugh in the times of my despair. Happy Birthday to you joker and may the lord give us the strength to bear you and your jokes in future.
  4. Happy Birthday, friend. May god bless you and give you the strength to fight your fears, pet peeves and make you a stronger person. May you never fall down from what you want in life. Have an amazing time ahead and enjoy it to the fullest.
  5. Happy Birthday best friend. I’ve had so many “phase friends” in life, however, no one is like you. I found you when I needed you the most. When I was sad, wanted attention, wanted an assurance and you were here to console me by my side. Fifteen years and strong and I wish this friendship grows stronger. I love you.
  6. Happy Birthday. Being one of your closest I grant you any one wish. So blow those candles and whatever you wish will be yours. Of course, if it’s in my hands. Let lord do the rest good to you.
  7. Hey, it’s been quite a few years since school but I want you to know that I may not remember your age but I do remember your birthday. I wish you a very Happy Birthday and a great one. Also, I want you to know that you matter and it doesn’t matter if time drifted us apart, we will always be great friends and I’m here for you if you need me anytime.
  8. To the friend who wakes me up right before college, who scouts for me in the dance team, who actually cares and doesn’t pretend to others, I want you to know that I love you so much. I don’t know what I’d do without you having my back and being an unconditional friend. You’re certainly the best I possess. Happy Birthday.