5 Natural Wonders You Didn’t Know Existed



No wonder it is a wonderful world! With so much of diversity in our planet earth it is impossible to know what all really exists. The natural wonders do enthral us with its enigma and we can just get amazed and dazed by these natural marvel. It is just not the human who can create magic. The mother earth can also play a vital role is keeping us astonished by her glory. So let us check out 5 natural wonders you didn’t know existed. It is surely going to be an interesting journey ahead.

1) Mendenhall Ice Caves (Juneau, Alaska)


If you wish to experience each and every stage of the water cycles then it may sound bizarre. But when you visit the Mendenhall Ice Caves you will know it can actually be a real thing. The Mendenhall Glacier is 12 miles long and is located just 12 miles away from Juneau in Southeast Alaska. It is a series of ice caves that can only be accessible through a kayak and when you climb up the ice. The turquoise-toned magical world is ever changing its shape. This is definitely once is a life time experience.

2. Waitomo Glow Worm Caves (Waitomo, New Zealand)

This is one unique cave situated in New Zealand. The Arachnocampa Luminosa or the Glow Worms inside the Waitomo caves is a must see for all the tourists who visit New Zealand. Millions of these worms display their luminescent light and keep these caves lit up in a blue glow. These years of natural wonders will surely take your breath away. There are mainly two caves named Raukari Cave and Aranui cave. These limestone caves are 30 million years old when it was under the ocean.

3. Mount Fitz Roy (Argentina)


If you are visiting Argentina then do not forget to visit the Mt. Fitz Roy. Named after Captain Robert Fitz Roy this mountain in Patagonia was originally named Chaltén. The name actually means “Smoking Mountain”. It is because of a rare aeolic phenomenon that makes the mountain top appear cloudy all the time. The mesmerizing ambience of this place will surely captivate you and enchant you with its wonders.

4. Morning Glory Pool – Yellowstone National Park, USA


As the name suggests this pool in the Yellowstone National Park is one of the hotspots for the park visitors. It looks quite similar to a morning glory flower, this small pool in definitely a nature’s wonder. In average the temperature of this pool remains 171.6°F. This beautiful pool has deep blue at the centre that emerges upwards and then turns aqua blue and green. Finally the pools turn yellow around the border. It looks just amazing especially in the morning.

5. The Sea of Stars – Vaadhoo Island, Maldives


This is a surreal paradise that one can even think that it exists. This exclusive beach at Vaadhoo Island, Raa Atoll, Maldives is called the “Sea of Stars”. It is because of the glowing waves that are created by numerous phytoplanktons known as Dinoflagellates. The dinoflagellate cell membrane responds to certain electrical signals that create a potential mechanism that creates their unique illumination.

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