7 Bizarre Places to Visit in the World


The modern life can get really monotonous at times and that is probably a wakeup call for us to know that there are strange and funny things in this world too. Answering to that call can actually help us reveal some of the mysterious yet astonishing secrets of the world we live in. Even if you are not planning for a globetrotting escapade, it would be fun to know some of the strangest places on earth that you thought ever existed. Let us check out the 7 most bizarre places to visit in the world.


1.The Door to Hell

Have you seen what hell looks like? If you haven’t then here is a way you can take a glimpse of it. The Door to Hell in the Karakum Dessert is a giant hole that keeps burning for 40 years now. No, it is not the attack of Mars! But our friendly geologists who have made this crater in the middle of the dessert. A quick thought! Is it that hot in hell?

2. Leap castle Ireland

Have you ever been spooked? If not then get ready for the spookiest castle in the world. Located in Offaly, Ireland Leap castle is infamous for its ghastly ghosts! Built by the O’Bannon family the castle dates back to the 15th Tormenting history reveals the dreary details of people being imprisoned, executed and killed mercilessly. This is probably the reasons behind the numerous sightings of the haunting ghosts of this castle. So are you ready for some spooky nights inside the castle?

3. Kabayan Mummy caves

Who could ever think that Philippines can have mummies too? Tucked away from the rest of the world, the Kabayan Mummies are still residing in the caves of the mountains in Kabayan since 2000 century BC. These mummies were made since the time when Spaniards colonized Philippines in the 16thNow Egypt can’t boast about her mummy alone. She has a competitor!

4.  Island of the Dolls

If you believe in legends then Island of the dolls holds a lot of mystery for you. Tucked away from the Mexico City this small island is a sad reminder of a little girl who died because of some strange circumstances. The strangest part of the islands is its tress from where hang hundreds of dolls. If you ever consider visiting this creepy place, do not forget to meet the spirits of Don Julian Santana Barrera.

5. Jatinga India


Birds are meant for flying, chirping and even singing. But do you know there exists a place in this world that has become the mass suicide zone for millions of birds every year? Yes, Jatinga in Assam observes this bizarre phenomenon of bird suicide. During the months of September and October, just after the sunset between 7 pm to 10 pm, hundreds of local and migratory birds drop and thrash themselves to death on the roofs, tress and everywhere. Isn’t it sad though?


6. Socotra Island

Alice in wonderland lives in our childhood story book, right? No, not really! If you visit the Socotra Island in Yemen, you will be in a wonderland that ou never believed existed. This alien looking island is home to bizarre looking trees and life forms that you can ever find elsewhere. The strange botanical creatures of the island take you to a weird land that is around 20 million years.

7. Underwater sculptors in Grenada

Have you thought of a park in the depth of the sea that is full of figures sculpted by humans? Of course not! However facts tells us something very different Located in the Caribbean Sea the Molinere underwater park is one of the most weirdest ecological art park ever existed. Sculpted by Jason deCaires Taylor this park was opened in 2006 for tourists. So, if you want to visit this park make sure to wear your diving suit and swimming glasses.

While these are a few of the strange places of the world that made you think the world is a crazy place after all, never forget that humans are the strangest of them all that makes life worth living!

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