7 Bizarre Unsolved Mysteries of The World


We all love mysteries. However, while you may love to solve the mystery games, did you know that there are plenty of bizarre mysteries in the real world that are still unsolved? If you have that inquisitive bone about knowing about the world mysteries then here are 7 bizarre unsolved mysteries of the world that will leave you dumbstruck.

1.The Green Children

We have all read fairytales and but have ever wondered how it will if a real life story becomes a fairytale? During 1135 – 1154, when the tyrannical reign of King Stephen of England was in full swing, the harvesters were reaping crops in a village in Suffolk. Two small children emerged from one of the holes in the field that were used to trap wolves. The children were green and they spoke different language. Gradually, the boy died and the girl lived on to get baptized and marry a man at King’s Lynn. It is yet a mystery whether the story is a folktale since descendants of this girl is still alive.

2. The Zodiac Killings


For the most part for 1969, a serial killer who called himself Zodiac terrorised San Francisco and the Bay Area residents. The man killed five or more people and used to send encrypted letters to a San Francisco daily. His letter was a chilling one, stating “I like killing people because it is so much fun.” The man kept on toying with the police for 10 months and even sent a bloodied shirt to the newspaper to prove his crime. However, even after years of investigation he was never caught and still remains an unsolved mystery.

3. The Babushka Lady

The footage of the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963 had a mysterious woman in brown coat and a scarf called babushka. The mystery is that she was spotted many times in the footage holding something like a camera. She took a lot of pictures herself and went away never to return or provide the police with those details.

4. Nazca Lines

One of the most amazing art we have today lies in the arid and isolated plateau of Peru. During the 400 AD and 650 AD the Nazca people used to remove the red stones and bring out the white earth beneath. They removed the stones in such a way that it formed the perfect shape of different animals like illamas, fish, birds, monkeys etc. The largest design among all these covered almost 200 meters of ground. It is a mystery how these primitive people could actually perform such an artwork with fantastic engineering skills.

5. Mary Celeste


Mary Celeste was a British merchant ship that was found on 5th December, 1872 drifting in the Atlantic Ocean. There were not a single passenger or crew inside the ship and the ship was quite seaworthy too. There were plenty of food and water as well as cargo in the ship. However, the mysterious part was that only one life boat was missing. It was never known who were in the ship and where did they go. The mystery still remains unsolved.

6. Bermuda Triangle

This is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in the world where aircrafts and ships have disappeared under suspicious situations. No one could understand what made these ships and aircrafts disappear.

7. Jack the Ripper

During 1888, a serial killer in the area of Whitechapel in London used to murder prostitutes and send letter to the local press as Jack the Ripper explaining his latest murder. The man was never to be found and disappeared even in the streets of Whitechapel.

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