7 Words That Mean Differently in Different Countries


It’s just not Hollywood that has mastered the trick of using words. However, what someone might love to hear you say in America, may not be in another part of the World.

One of the best joys of learning any language is its words that can mean absolutely different from that of its English counterpart. Most of the European languages that we learn have quite a few words that can mean something funny and even hilarious in English or vice verse. Even in the United States of America the meaning of one English word can be absolutely from that in the United Kingdom. In other parts of the world where English is prevalent in the lives of common people has taken the shape of their distinct culture and language too. So let us check out 7 words that mean different in different countries.



Now this a heavy duty word for Americans. People within U.K. and other cricket playing nations knows that bouncer is a type of bowling that enables the ball to bounce. However the Americans use this word for those burly men who would work as security in night clubs and pubs. These men would bounce anyone who would misbehave in anyway while inside the pub or bar.

2. Kiss

Now this is definitely one of the most romantic words that the English language has produced. We use this word to express a certain delicate feeling or emotion of human kind. But do you know what kiss means to the Swedish people? You will be in for a shock! Kiss in Swedish means “Pee” or to urinate! Isn’t it amusing? A single word that means such a romantic thing for one language can mean excretion in other!

3. Crap

This is somewhat a colloquial English word that does not have a place in the formal environment of English writing. However it is definitely one of the most used words by anyone who knows and use English on a daily basis and it means excretion. But have you though that crap can actually mean a food for Romanian people? Yes that’s true, as the Romanian calls the “Carp fish” as crap – a fish they love to eat. However the English also have a fish known as “Crappie”. Holy crap!

4. Gift

We all love receiving gifts… right? Wrong! Gift in German means poison! While in the English language gift is a pleasant term used for presenting someone with an article to celebrate or appreciate them, the Germans use the term for poison. However in the Scandinavian language gift means marriage. Now that is really funny, a real oxymoron, is it?

5. Slut

 Now this is more of an abuse rather than a nice English word. However, in Sweden this word means “the end”. So if you have finished watching a movie you have come to the slut. Or if you have reached the last station, you know you have reached the slut station! Now this is quite a double meaning!

6. Football


 Now this word is a real game changer! When the English are anticipating the next goal with a nail biting anxiety, the Americans are looking forward to the next downs to score some runs on the field. Yes, what is rugby to the English is football to the fellow Americans. Wonder what the Americans would name the actual game of football known to the rest of the world.

7. Coach

 This word has surely expanded its horizon far and wide. While the English would prefer to call a long distance bus as coach, the Americans get down to the basic meaning of a trainer especially in the field of sports and gymnastics. The Indians in this regard has kept a balance between the two countries and use coach as sports trainer and also as a train compartment. Now that’s like a true follower!

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