Koena Mitra Possible surgeries


Koena Mitra

Koena Mitra was born on 7 January, 1984 in Kolkata to a Hindu Bengali family. She is an actress and appeared in several Indian films. She studied in Lee Strasbourg Acting School. She studied psychology as her major subject. She completed her training in various dance forms, basketball, tennis and swimming. She won all India tile when she was studying in high school.

In school, she commenced he remodelling career. In 2001, she became the beauty pageant in India. She was one of the 12 semifinalists of “Miss Intercontinental Pageant in Germany. She has appeared in several commercials for Mirinda, Clinic All Clear, Maruti Alto, and various beauty products.

She got few music albums including Stereo Nations Ishq, Akh Teri, Aaj ki East and Cannot by Jasbir Jassi. She appeared as a special appearance in film Road. Later she appeared in some successful movies including Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena and Apna Sapna Money Money.


Possible surgeries

When Koena’s appearance changed so significantly, the possibilities of Bollywood actors going under the cosmetic help came out. But the results that she garnered almost shattered her career as her face looked extremely enhanced from one way or another. What had stimulated her to opt for such surgeries when she had already won several beauty pageants? Of course it would have been the nagging desire to look better than what you do naturally. Being a human being you are not satisfied ever.  Koena Mitra, the bong beauty was in her struggling phase when she went under surgeries.

“It’s all okay, when end’s well.”, this didn’t happen with Koena. Her surgeries are not subtle but Bizarre and she failed to turn tables for herself. While people worldwide were talking about the potential in Asia for conducting surgeries, but Koena’s took away her show-biz career.

Which indeed is evident from fact that before her surgeries she was doing well as she was amongst the Top-12 Semifinalists of Miss Intercontinental Pageant (held in Germany) and also participated in international level  shows. However, may be her urge to look better than this went all unnatural and created a ruckus for her entire life.


1. Nose Job            

Her controversial nose job/rhinoplasty captured a lot of attention. 

Her nose looked normal prior to her surgeries but now it looks really small and tampered from the sides. May be her insecurities made her took this decision, she might have thought that her nose is bigger or bulbous.

Her nose job procedure would be written as one of the worst asian surgery ever. Her nose now looks different and oily all the time. At this young age she has started looking all artificial.

2. Lip Augmentation and Breast Job

Nose job was just the beginning of strings of bizarre surgeries. She did not stop after nose job or may be she purchased a package for transforming her face.

She even owns much fuller lips that seems to be never ending starting from one corner to another.

However her breast job is one of those surgeries that fits on her, her bust size and shape now looks better.

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